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Energy-saving Smart Card Terminal with Stable Stand for One-handed Operation

Auerbach, 18 October 2016 - CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices, announces the new ST-1144 smart card terminal. This is an efficient device for all ISO 7816 cards, combining low power consumption with easy operation. The ST-1144 also features a stable stand and easy integration into the existing infrastructure via USB 2.0. The smart card terminal complies to the CAC and FIPS 201 certification as well as the EMV 4.0 specification, which illustrates the universal nature of this card reader.

ST-1144 handles chip cards securely and reliably

The smart card terminal ST-1144 securely reads and writes all ISO 7816 smart cards to protect highly sensitive data. No matter whether it's access controls, network logins or chip card-based Internet transactions, the device transmits data via the CCID protocol to the PC. Thanks to EMV 4.0 (2000), the specification for payment cards and corresponding reading devices, the ST-1144 is a reliable alternative for money transfer. The name EMV consists of the initials of the three companies (Europay International, MasterCard, and VISA) which have developed the standard. FIPS 201 specifies the technical requirements for physical and logical access controls (Personal Identity Verification) for Federal employees and contractors.

High-quality smart card terminals with great stability

CHERRY is going with a very high build quality for the ST-1144. Together with a high weight of 350 grams, this results in a great stability so the card reader can be operated easily with one hand. The CHERRY ST-1144 is also extremely energy-efficient. In standby mode, for example, the device only requires two milliamps. The USB 2.0 port allows an easy setup using plug & play functionality. The CHERRY smart card terminal ST-1144 is available as of December for a suggested retail price of 30 Euro.

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Michael Schmid
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