Keypad G84-4700

Individually Programmable Keys!

Whether for numerical inputs, controls or for frequent number entry - the programmable keyboard is the ideal accessory for notebooks. All keys can be user-defined with up to 24 characters per key.

  • Individual keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (ML technology)
  • Designed for continuous usage - over 20 mill. confirmations per key
  • Numeric block with 4 additional, individually inscribable function keys
  • High level of reliability and unique precision confirmation feeling
  • Programming of alternative key codes e.g. [.], [,],[00], [000] • Suitable for left and right-handed use
  • Additional programming of software macros via the high-performance configuration software 'Cherry Tools'
  • Can be used with the standard drivers of the operating system

Data sheet
2 years
Packaging unit
  • -Number of products in the master package: 72
  • -Number of master packages per pallet: 8
  • -Key technology: ML
  • -Service life, standard key: > 20 million key operations
  • -Operation characteristics: ML Pressure point(50cN)
  • -Inscription technology: Laser
  • -Inscription layout: Standard
  • -Number of Keys: 21
  • -Number of additional keys: 4
  • -Number of programmable keys: Product dependant, seetable
  • -MTBF > 100,000 hours
  • -MCBF > 10 bill. operations
Packaging dimensions
approx. 140 x 185 x 45 mm
Dimensions (product)
approx. 90 x 132 x 36 mm
Delivery volume
  • -Keypad G84-4700
  • -Operating instructions in hard copy
System requirements
  • -Product dependant, see table
Connection sockets
  • -PS/2 port (for connecting the keypad between the computerand standard keyboard)
  • -Product dependant, see table
Operating temperature
0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature
-25°C to 65°C
Cable length
approx. 1.75 m
Total weight (with packaging)
Product dependant, see table
Weight (product)
Product dependant, see table
Layout (country or language)
Product dependant, see table "Models"
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