How do rubberdome keyboards work?

Rubberdome Technology Explained

Rubberdome technology, also known as membrane technology, stands as the most widespread keyboard mechanism for producing affordable keyboards. When you take a look beneath the keys of a rubberdome keyboard, you'll notice the rubber or silicone membrane that gives it its name. This membrane is equipped with numerous buffers, known as rubberdomes. Let's delve into how the rubberdome keys function:


This is how it works:

Keystroke: Pressing a key on a membrane keyboard causes the keycap to move downward and press on the elastic rubberdome.

Rubber Dome: This is a flexible rubber dome positioned under each keycap. It acts as resistance and creates the pressure point of the key. When the key is pressed, the rubber dome underneath inverts.

Contact: Beneath the rubber dome button lies a conductive membrane or contact. When the rubber dome is compressed, it closes the electrical contact with this layer, triggering the signal.

Return: Upon releasing the key, the rubber dome returns to its original shape, and the key is ready for a new keystroke.

Advantages of Rubberdome Key Technology

Membrane keyboards are widely used due to their many advantages. Here are some reasons why rubberdome technology remains popular:

Quiet and comfortable

Membrane keystrokes produce minimal noise when typing, they are gentle yet responsive. This makes them ideal for office environments or situations where a quiet keystroke is preferred, ensuring a comfortable and fatigue-free typing experience, even during longer writing sessions.


Membrane keyboards are known for their robustness. As these keyboards consist of few components, they exhibit high resistance. The lifespan can reach up to 10 million operations per individual key.

Cost-effective Option

Keyboards with rubberdome technology are often more affordable than scissor or mechanical keyboards due to the materials and electronics used. This makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers seeking quality and comfort.

Lightweight and Compact

Rubberdome keyboards are typically lighter and more compact than their mechanical counterparts. The thin rubber domes allow for a relatively slim design.

Rubberdome technology is cost-effective due to its simple mechanics and requires less space than other key technologies such as mechanical switches. However, keyboards with rubberdome switches often offer less tactile feedback compared to other keyboard technologies. The lifespan of a membrane keyboard is also significantly shorter than that of mechanical keyboards. They are therefore often used in everyday keyboards, office keyboards, and entry-level keyboards.

CHERRY Membrane Keyboards

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