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When it comes to high quality and hygienic input devices there is no way around Active Key, CHERRYs specialized manufacturer of keyboards and mice for the medical sector, office and industry. From wipeable to medical grade: Active Key has the solution that best fits your needs

Making the Best even better – CHERRYs bestselling keyboard STREAM is now available with a high-quality silicone membrane, protecting it from dust and dirt. Wiped clean in a single swipe and changed in a minute, working in shared offices or administrative settings has never been easier…or safer. And the environment thanks you for using less disinfectants.

From home banking to complex verification tasks - CHERRY Security Solutions guarantees optimum protection for your sensitive data thanks to the highest security standards and multiple certifications. As an official member of TeleTrust, our security products bear the TeleTrusT trust mark "IT Security made in Germany" or "IT Security Made in EU". You will find the corresponding label on the product pages.

We grant access and offer guidance in the complex digital German heathcare sector. With products like the CHERRY eHealth Terminal, the CHERRY eHealth PIN-Pad or keyboards with integrated chip card readers we provide the technical means to securely connect with the telematikinfrastructure.

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