Mechanical Keyboards

The durability and reliability of CHERRY mechanical keyboards make them a preferred choice for anyone who values a first-class typing and gaming experience. Whether in the office, while gaming or in harsh industrial environments - CHERRY mechanical keyboards stand for the highest quality and precision.

CHERRY Mechanical Keyboards
Precision and Durability for an Unparalleled Typing Experience

Mechanical Keyboards by CHERRY

Mechanical keyboards have become an indispensable part of the digital world, standing out for their unique construction and excellent performance. These high-performance devices are often considered the gold standard of keyboards, and for good reason:

The Advantages of Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards fundamentally differ from conventional membrane or scissor-switch keyboards. Their advantages make them the preferred choice for gamers, typing professionals, and tech enthusiasts alike:

Precision and Individual Feedback

Mechanical keyboards utilize sophisticated electronics and individual switches for each key, resulting in distinct feedback. This enables precise input and gives users a sense of control and accuracy, crucial especially in intense gaming moments where every millisecond counts.

Exceptional Durability

The mechanical switches, based on proven technologies like CHERRY MX, are renowned for their exceptional lifespan. The keys are designed to withstand intense usage while maintaining their responsiveness.

Customizable Switches for Individual Preferences

Mechanical keyboards offer a variety of switches, from linear to tactile to clicky switches. These can be selected based on personal preferences and requirements to achieve the perfect typing feel.

Mechanical CHERRY Keyboards

Uniting Quality and Innovation

CHERRY is a renowned brand known for its high-quality mechanical switches. That's why our mechanical keyboards are a premier choice:

Original CHERRY MX

Mechanical Keyboard Switches

CHERRY MX switches stand for ultimate precision and durability. The various switch types – MX RED, MX BROWN, MX BLACK, and many more – allow users to tailor the keyboard precisely to their individual requirements. These switches not only provide a unique typing feel but also offer an outstanding lifespan of up to 100 million key presses. Naturally, all CHERRY mechanical keyboards come equipped with original CHERRY MX switches. The range includes MX STANDARD, MX LOW PROFILE, and MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE keyboards, distinguished by their height profile.

Free software


In addition to all the aforementioned benefits, mechanical CHERRY keyboards also excel with the free software CHERRY KEYS or CHERRY UTILITY, enabling individual key mappings or macros.

What Mechanical Keyboards Does CHERRY Offer?

CHERRY offers a wide range of mechanical keyboards tailored to the needs of various users. Here are some outstanding models:

  • Compact and robust mechanical keyboards for rugged work environments
  • Gaming-optimized mechanical keyboards with impressive RGB lighting
  • Wireless mechanical keyboards for flexible gaming and work applications
  • Mechanical Ultra Low Profile Office keyboards with multi-device functionality
  • High-performance gaming keyboards with the latest technology and hot-swap functionality
  • Flat mechanical keyboards with low-profile switches for both office and gaming
  • Silent mechanical keyboards for quiet environments
Mechanical Keyboards by CHERRY

The Choice for Discerning Users

In the world of keyboards, mechanical models represent the pinnacle. They stand for precision, durability, and individual customization. Mechanical Keyboards by CHERRY set standards in quality and innovation, elevating the digital experience to new heights. 

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