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The office keyboards from CHERRY are characterized by their reliable performance and high quality to ensure efficient working in the office or home office. With various models, including wired and wireless versions, CHERRY offers a versatile selection of office keyboards that combine maximum comfort with an elegant design.

CHERRY Office Keyboards
The perfect companion in the office

Office Keyboards by CHERRY

In today's digital working world, choosing the right office keyboard is crucial for efficiency and comfort. Whether it's extensive reports, emails, or data processing - the optimal keyboard plays a key role. Here you can learn about the features that distinguish the best office keyboards and how they can make your office everyday life more productive.

Overview of the benefits of office keyboards

The best office keyboard is characterized by features that are specifically tailored to the requirements in the office:

Ergonomic design

Many office keyboards are ergonomically designed to enable comfortable typing over extended periods. The flat keys and pleasant typing feel can reduce hand strain and promote a healthy working posture. Clear key labeling and the familiar key layout (e.g., ISO layout) contribute to effortless use.

Quiet keys

To avoid disturbing colleagues and maintain a quiet work atmosphere, most office keyboards are equipped with a quiet key technology - such as rubber dome or scissor mechanism.

Additional function keys

For quick navigation and control of office applications, work keyboards offer additional function keys. With just one click, you can access your email program or calculator, for example.

Wireless flexibility

Modern office equipment requires flexibility. Wireless office keyboards enable a clean and tidy work environment without annoying cables dominating the desk. A stable connection ensures smooth operation.

CHERRY Office Keyboards

Typing Made Joyful

CHERRY offers a variety of keyboards perfectly tailored to the needs of frequent typists. CHERRY office keyboards offer all the aforementioned benefits: ergonomic features, whisper-quiet keystrokes, and additional keys.

Individual freedom: CHERRY KEYS

Furthermore, CHERRY office keyboards score with individual key assignments. This is made possible by the free software CHERRY KEYS. This gives you the freedom to reassign your keys and adapt them to your personal needs.

CHERRY Key Technologies

In addition to cost-effective membrane keyboards, CHERRY also offers scissor keyboards with its in-house CHERRY SX scissor mechanism. These keyboards are characterized by a particularly quiet and pleasant keystroke. For those who still want a mechanical typing feel in the office, CHERRY also offers quiet mechanical keyboards. You can find more information about the different key technologies and their advantages here:

For the environment

The best CHERRY office keyboards are extremely robust and offer up to 20 million keystrokes. Durable or recycled materials make our office keyboards a long-term investment. In addition, we avoid plastic packaging for our office keyboards. Read more about "Environment and Sustainability" at CHERRY here:

What Office Keyboards Does CHERRY Offer?

Are you looking for a daily companion for your office work? Then you've come to the right place. We offer a variety of premium office keyboards perfectly tailored to the needs of different application areas:

  • Flat office keyboards in chiclet design
  • Wireless office keyboards for flexible work environments
  • Mechanical office keyboards with quiet MX switches
  • Ultra-low profile keyboards for a highly modern work environment
  • Compact or mini office keyboards for easy transportation
  • TKL office keyboards without a numeric keypad for tight work environments
  • Multi-device office keyboards for working on different devices
  • Robust keyboards for rough work environments
  • Disinfectable office keyboards for hygiene-critical areas

The optimal office keyboard for more productivity from CHERRY

Choosing the right office keyboard significantly influences productivity in everyday office life. Whether through ergonomic design, quiet keys, or additional functions - the requirements in the office are diverse. The best office keyboard considers these needs and creates an optimal work environment. Invest in a CHERRY keyboard that meets your individual requirements and increase your efficiency and comfort in the office or home office.

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