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Discover the CHERRY product portfolio! Whether B2C or B2B, at work or at the home office: We offer a huge range of reliable mice, keyboards, desktop sets and accessories.

Our Brand

Our products are designed and engineered with the utmost quality and comfort for a better typing experience in mind.


Our CHERRY products are the ideal office companion for your desk at work or in your home office.

Security & Healthcare

Our range of products includes computer input devices with integrated logical access control. Reliably identify, authenticate, and authorize users to access your data safely and securely.


Whether in a classroom, large computer lab or school library, CHERRY offers a wide range of durable products that enhance the digital learning experience.


With durability ratings up to 50 million keyswitch operations, these keyboards are ideal for harsh industrial environments.

Point of Sale

Both are essential and advanced line of keyboards are designed to handle high speed transactional input.

Helpful Tips

We would like to share a few things we have learned along the way.