CHERRY KW 9200 MINI: Compact wireless keyboard offers the perfect combination of design and feature set

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KW 9200 MINI

CHERRY is expanding its product portfolio in the wireless keyboard category with the CHERRY KW 9200 MINI.

Auerbach, 8th March 2023 - CHERRY, the specialist in computer, office and gaming accessories and market leader in mechanical key switches, is expanding its product portfolio in the wireless keyboard category with the CHERRY KW 9200 MINI. This extra-slim keyboard is ideally suited for a lifestyle on the move and combines top-class quality in terms of features, design and comfort with a compact format that fits into nearly any bag. For even more versatility, this little gem comes with a protective carrying case made of recycled plastic and offers four transmission channels, turning it into a true multi-device keyboard.  


Compact, mobile and functional  

Measuring just 29.5 x 12.9 x 1.6 centimeters, the CHERRY KW 9200 MINI accompanies its users anywhere and is perfectly suited for a lifestyle on the move. Despite its compact size that makes the KW 9200 MINI very portable, it offers a feature set on par with full-size keyboards. For example, you can access special functions such as picture or volume control by pressing the FN key. Play/pause, track selection and similar multimedia controls haven’t been forgotten either. If you want constant access to the special functions, the FN key can be locked.  


Maximum connectivity  

The CHERRY KW 9200 MINI can be used with almost any device – whether it’s a desktop computer, a notebook, a smartphone, or a tablet. The connectivity options range from two Bluetooth® channels to 2.4 GHz wireless via dongle (featuring AES-128 encryption) to USB. For example, a laptop and a tablet can be connected simultaneously to the two Bluetooth® channels. Switching between both devices only requires pressing one button. Establishing the RF connection is as simple as plugging the included nano receiver into a free USB port on your PC and pressing F1. The included cable with USB A/USB C connector is not just for charging the integrated battery: Selecting cable mode (F4) allows data transfer via the cable as well and is perfect for environments where wireless transmission is not wanted.  


CHERRY SX scissor mechanism  

The CHERRY SX scissor mechanism gives this brand-new model a precise, enjoyable and silent typing feel on par with full-size keyboards and high longevity with more than 10 million strokes per key. Additionally, the laptop style keys are slightly concave, so that the fingers glide smoothly and without fatigue over the keys even during prolonged use.  


Thought of everything: full range of functions and ergonomics  

The CHERRY KW 9200 MINI saves on size without compromising on quality and comfort. Due to its compact form, the mouse arm is closer to the keyboard. In conjunction with the integrated height adjustment, this ensures increased ergonomics. The feet also provide a non-slip stand, and the built-in metal plate ensures maximum stability. The feature set is rounded off by abrasion-proof key labels and a powerful battery including a charging status indicator. One battery charge easily lasts for weeks.  


Sustainably on the move  

With all of this, the keyboard fits perfectly into our modern age, in which New Work stands for much more than just “being out and about with a notebook”. Modern work environments encompass open-plan offices with shared desk s paces, coworking spaces as well as remote offices – which can sometimes be situated in parks or cafes. With the KW 9200 MINI, CHERRY offers the perfect tool for virtually any application and thinks sustainably: the protective carrying case is made of recycled plastic, the keyboard is designed for durability and the product packaging uses silk paper and paper-based seals instead of plastic.  


Price & availability  

The CHERRY KW 9200 MINI will be available from the 20th of March 2023 in the CHERRY store and in retail stores. The recommended retail price excluding VAT is £60.71. The scope of delivery includes the keyboard, a carrying bag, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and an extra small USB dongle for wireless operation.