MA 3.0 UNI

MA 3.0 UNI
Adjustable and universal microphone arm for more space to work
item number: MA 3.0 UNI
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Designed in Germany
plastic-free packaging
Stable microphone arm made of aluminum in classic black with table clamp (up to 60 mm)
Swivel arm means the microphone can be positioned ideally at any angle
Maximum load of up to 1.5 kg
3/8" threaded connector with extra 3/8"-to-5/8" adapter included
Suitable for universal use: Not only supports CHERRY UM MICROPHONE SERIES microphones, but also a wide range of USB microphones
3/8" to 5/8" adapter, Mic Arm
If you only intend to record a podcast or make a video call, it is usually sufficient to simply place the microphone on your desk. However, if you are dealing with situations where you need to use the keyboard and/or mouse at the same time as speaking, it is important to have enough space to move. In situations like these, the CHERRY MA 3.0 UNI microphone holder is a good choice. Thanks to its sturdy aluminum swivel arm, the angle of the micro-phone arm can be freely adjusted and the microphone can thus be optimally positioned. The classic black design of the arm and the high-quality workmanship complete the package.

Technical Details

Warranty 2 years warranty
Max. storage temperature 131 °F
Min. storage temperature 23 °F
Scope of delivery 3/8" to 5/8" adapter, Mic Arm
BYD data
Width of product without packaging 3,15 in
Height of product without packaging 2,28 in
Length of product without packaging 44,09 in