Multi-Device Compact Keyboard with Three Bluetooth® Channels
item number: KW 7100 MINI BT
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Extended Warranty*
plastic-free packaging
CHERRY SX Scissor Technology
Silent keystroke
Three Bluetooth® 5.1 channels for connecting up to three devices
AES-128 encryption
Includes carrying case made of recycled plastic
Precise CHERRY SX scissor mechanism for an ideal tactile feel
Status LEDs indicate low battery level
Status LEDs integrated directly in the CAPS LOCK and FN keys
Blue LEDs indicate the selected connection
Durable key labels
Solid metal plate in the keyboard for maximum stability
Stable, fold-out feet for adjusting the height
Slim, extra-compact dimensions — ideal for out and about
Minimalist design
2 x AAA battery, Manual, Keyboard, Pouch
The CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT is a small Bluetooth® keyboard that can be wirelessly connected to up to three devices without a dongle. Its compact dimensions mean that it is easy to transport and can be placed on virtually any table. In addition to its multi-device function, it also features our precise CHERRY SX scissor mechanism, long-lasting key labeling and a minimalist design — available in four stylish colors. On top of all that, it also comes with a carrying case made of recycled plastic for free.

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Technical Details

Operating system Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Warranty 2 years warranty
Max. storage temperature 140 °F
Min. storage temperature -4 °F
Scope of delivery 2 x AAA battery, Manual, Keyboard, Pouch
Software support CHERRY KEYS
System Requirements-Hardware Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
Reliability max. Batterielaufzeit 18 Monate
Battery rechargeable no
Number of batteries 2
Battery replaceable yes
Battery design AAA
Battery charging socket no
Illumination no
Anti-ghosting not specified
Adjustable feet integrated
Actuating force (cN) 62,5 cN
Integrated metal plate yes
Palm rest Palm rest not available
Service life per key (in million strokes) 10 mio. actuations
Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard 10 mA
N-key rollover not specified
Switching characteristics standard
Special key functions FN
Status LEDs in keys
Keyboard format Compact (75%)
Key stroke total travel path 2 mm
Keycap material ABS
Key labeling Pad Printing + UV coating
Key technology Scissor
Key encryption AES-128
USB hub no
Windows key with Windows key
Master data
Width of product without packaging 5,08 in
Height of product without packaging 0,63 in
Length of product without packaging 11,61 in
Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth range (m) 33 ft
USB dongle no
Connection via Bluetooth yes
Encryption in Bluetooth mode yes

Multi-device compact keyboard with three Bluetooth® channels

Whether you want to use it for business or leisure, the compact CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT Bluetooth® keyboard effortlessly meets all the requirements of life on the go. It only takes up a small amount of space, so you can work with it easily even in places with a reduced work surface. This flat, compact keyboard can be both transported easily and safely thanks to the included carrying case. The multi-device function ensures absolute flexibility: Connect up to three devices at the same time and switch back and forth as you like — completely wirelessly, of course.

Extra flexible, extra compact: A keyboard made for you

At college, in the office, on the train, in cafés or working from home — with the CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT, you can work comfortably and above all flexibly in any environment. This wireless multi-device keyboard has a total of three Bluetooth®-5.1 channels that can be used to connect up to three devices at the same time — with secure AES-128 encryption, of course. Use the F1, F2 and F3 keys to switch between the different channels and operate the device of your choice. This small keyboard is compatible with almost any Bluetooth®-enabled device*, allowing you to work on your PC, notebook, tablet and smartphone at your convenience. Due to its reduced dimensions, this compact Bluetooth® keyboard with multi-device function fits on any table and can be stowed in just about any bag. Additionally, the included recycled plastic carrying case protects the CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT, making it the ideal companion on the go.

*Supported operating systems: Windows; Android™ and Chrome OS with some restrictions

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Make every day colorful

In addition to its flat and minimalist design, the chic CHERRY Bluetooth® keyboard also comes in a wide range of colors: available in SLATE BLUE, AGAVE GREEN, CHERRY BLOSSOM and MILK WHITE, there's a color to suit every taste. Is it important to you to have a matching keyboard and mouse? Our GENTIX BT Bluetooth® mouse is also available in many different colors! This means you can find the right mouse right away — for example, if you choose the compact Bluetooth® keyboard in pink, you can get the mouse in the same color. Not only does the GENTIX BT visually complement the CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT — it is also equipped with a multi-device function for up to three end devices, making these two a perfect team!

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Unparalleled typing feel thanks to CHERRY SX scissor mechanism

Our SX scissor mechanism lets you type comfortably, precisely and quietly on the CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT keyboard. The flat, slightly concave keys are comparable to those of a laptop keyboard and provide a fatigue-free and fluid writing experience. Although the compact Bluetooth® keyboard does not have a numeric keypad, you can still enjoy the familiar layout of a full-size keyboard.

Workstation ergonomics — even on the go

As a battery-powered 75% keyboard, the CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT is ideal for mobile working while also offering ergonomic advantages: Thanks to the lack of numeric keypad on the right, the arm used to operate the mouse can be kept closer to the keyboard, which creates an improved shoulder posture and can prevent tension. If you want to adjust the height of the keyboard, simply fold out the sturdy feet. A solid metal plate inside makes the compact Bluetooth® keyboard particularly stable.

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Even more special features

The CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT Bluetooth® keyboard may be compact, but it has some great special features: The Fn key allows you to switch between the various Bluetooth® channels, operate image control or volume control and also gives you access to various multimedia functions, such as play/pause and track selection. If you want to make permanent use of these special functions, you can easily lock the Fn key by simply pushing a button. The status LEDs built into the buttons indicate whether the Fn Lock key is activated. The same applies to the Bluetooth® channel currently in use and the upload key.

CHERRY KEYS: Assigning custom functions to F keys and special keys

Would you like to program the compact Bluetooth® keyboard to suit your preferences? That's no problem either! With our free CHERRY KEYS software, you can quickly reassign both the special keys and F keys on the KW 7100 MINI BT: Shortcuts, text blocks, macros, opening of files/folders/programs/web pages, multimedia or system functions can be assigned to individual keys without expert knowledge, as the process is completely intuitive.

The CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT is the ideal choice if you are on the go a lot or work frequently in places with little space, but still do not want to give up the convenience of a full-size keyboard. Using the compact, multi-device-enabled Bluetooth® keyboard, you can control up to three devices wirelessly and benefit from an unparalleled typing experience thanks to the precise CHERRY SX scissor mechanism. The packaging for the KW 7100 MINI BT is completely plastic-free. In addition, you can select between four stylish colors — which one will you choose?


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